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Hi, I am Anthony and the creator of G&B101. Over the years I have come across many instructional websites for the guitar and bass. Some sites are better than others but with enough searching almost anything you want to learn can be found. My vision is to make G&B101 your database for everything guitar and bass. At G&B101 you will find video tutorials, reviews, links, information about 1on1 lessons with me, chord charts, scales, and much, much more.  I bring all this at no cost to you so if you feel that G&B101 has helped please consider donating. Please check back frequently for updates and drop me an email with any comments, questions, or suggestions.


Lessons - An overview of my 1on1 lessons for guitar and/or bass whether online via skype or in person in Houston, Tx

Tutorials - How to videos for songs, technique, theory, up keep and maintenance, and any other info for guitar and bass

About Me - A little bio about yours truly

Links - From where to buy gear to links to other instructional sites to reviews and more

Contact - For inquiries about my 1on1 lessons or anything else G&B101

Resources - Chord charts, blank tab sheets, scales, etc..

Blog - Vids and thoughts about guitar, bass, theory, performances, or whatever I feel like

Donate - There are a number of ways that you can keep G&B101 free at no cost to you